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What We Know So Far About Den Of Thieves 2

Den of Thieves gets released in theatres in early 2018, and it was a rather heist film. It wasn’t “Heat,” but it was intriguing and, more crucially, commercially successful enough to deserve a sequel. While development gets delayed, Den of Thieves 2 is on the way, and we’re here to keep you up to date on all we know about Big Nick and Donnie Wilson’s continued escapades.


What Will The Story Of Den Of Thieves 2 Be?

Den of Thieves 2 would get set throughout Europe, according to what Gudegast informed Screen Rant. Big Nick will pursue Donnie, who gets now linked to the Pink Panther Mafia, an international jewel thief network, in the core narrative. Donnie is a London bartender near a diamond trade, as shown in Den of Thieves. Gudegast indicated that Big Nick would get pursued by an unknown individual or group in the sequel, which will result in a mashup of subplots that will spread the tale across Europe.

We already know that Gomorrah, Suburra, Sexy Beast, and Ronin get all heavily influenced by Den of Thieves 2. The sequel gets also expected to take place in London, Belgium, Marseilles, the Cote d’Azur, and Montenegro. Complete details are unlikely to be released due to cast disputes and the length of the production process. But, at least in terms of plot and structure, everything is in place for Den of Thieves 2.

When Can We Expect ‘Den Of Thieves 2: Pantera’?

As of the writing of this article, no official release date for the Den Of Thieves sequel gets confirmed. Butler stated that filming early next year in Europe, with a debut date early next year. The sequel will now start production in Serbia and France in the late spring of 2022. The sequel may be ready by the end of 2022 or the start of 2023.

Who Will Play Pantera In ‘Den Of Thieves 2’?

Only three actors get confirmed to return in the sequel as of yet. O’Shea Jackson Jr. will play Donnie Wilson, Jordan Bridges will play Lobbin’ Bob, and Gerard Butler will reprise his role as Detective Nicholas “Big Nick” O’Brien. Following the deaths of several members of the original cast in the first film, Gudegast has revealed that they would be casting new European actors for the sequel.

Is There A Trailer?

The sequel, which is currently under production, has yet to receive an official trailer. For the time being, have a peek at the trailer for the action-packed Den of Thieves.

Is Den of Thieves a True Story?

Den of Thieves gets not based on factual events. Because it’s a heist film, and many parts of the plot and characters get meticulously planned. Let’s start with Gerard Butler’s character: a hard-boiled officer who commands respect in his employment. Rather than portraying him in a superficial light, the film also examines his family and his poisoned connection with them.

Similarly, the den of thieves sequel film shows how the “evil men” have families. As a result, the film’s characters appear more lifelike, and the distinctions between good and evil get blurred in certain instances.