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Shiv: 3 Facts About the Archrival of Stargirl’s Titular Heroine

In 2020, DC Universe found success with its popular show “Stargirl,” (produced by Geoff Johns) which features a less well-known superhero in the universe, the teenage Stargirl. After a delay, Season 2 of the superhero drama is now scheduled to premiere in August of 2021 as a CW Network original and is being awaited with anticipation. Courtney Whitmore, a teenage girl who gained powers after discovering an item called the Cosmic Staff, is the titular Stargirl and the focus of the show. But what show is complete without an enemy to root for the protagonist to defeat? Stargirl faces more than one villain throughout her adventures, but there is one that can be said to be her archrival, Cynthia “Cindy” Burman, a.k.a. Shiv. Here are three fascinating facts about her to prepare you for Season 2 and her possible reappearance. 

1. She Attends the Same School as Courtney

Before running into each other as villain and hero, the two had already met, with Cindy being one of the first people Courtney met at her new school. The former is the queen bee of the school, popular and stereotypically mean. However, she is also secretly cunning and intelligent, displaying a competency in chemistry that surprised Courtney when the two were lab partners.

2. Villainy Runs in Her Veins

Cindy’s father is another of the show’s main antagonists, the Dragon King, Shiro Ito. His self-experimentation transformed him into a reptilian human-like being with extreme regeneration abilities and longevity, having been alive since the 1900s. He is a genius scientist and expert swordsman who has attempted to and nearly succeeded at killing Stargirl when they came up against each other. 

3. Her Father Experimented Heavily on Her

The Dragon King supposedly underwent execution in 1947 as punishment for the plagues and deaths caused by his unethical experimentation but survived as a result of the abilities imparted by his experiments on himself. His thirst for scientific knowledge knows no bounds even when it comes to his own flesh and blood as he subjected Cindy to multiple experiments as a child. These led to her developing her own incredible regeneration ability as well as enhanced agility. The most obvious alteration is the implantation of retractable blades that she can push in and out of her wrists at will. 

Shiv is a foe who suffers from considerable emotional and psychological issues, in large part due to her father’s mistreatment. She is also a suitable contemporary foe of Stargirl who will hopefully see a decent amount of screen time in Season 2.