Cost-Effective Ways To DIY An Outdoor Movie Theatre!

Watching a movie on a big screen, under the blue sky, in your backyard sounds fun. Doesn’t it? It is not only fun and comfortable, but it also helps save money. Especially if you are on a budget and it is getting harder day by day to manage that, you should seek online help. Find out some top finance company reviews and check which one will give you the best possible services.

It is much easier and faster than it sounds to build your movie theatre. You just need a little encouragement, determination, and a lot of help from your friends. That’s all and you can easily start saving money from the very moment you decide to ditch theatre and shift to your backyard cinema. Here, read a list of some useful products that you might need to DIY your outdoor movie theatre.

  • Projector

Definitely, how could you have a theatre without a projector? To watch a movie on a big screen with your friends and family, you will require a projector. Although you can also bring your TV outside every once in a while, for a movie night, it can get very tiring and sometimes inconvenient.

Besides, second-hand projectors are always available which are much more affordable and generate almost the same result as the new ones. Just make sure the projector that you buy is bright and has a higher resolution. Otherwise, movie night won’t be as fun as an actual theatre.

  • A Projector Screen

You might be thinking of projecting an image on a clean, white wall, right? Of course, it is the simplest way to watch movies outside. It’s a lot cheaper too. But it is not recommended in most cases. The movie images won’t be very smooth when projected on a wall. It will ruin your mood and experience.

That is why a projector screen is approved for outdoor theatres. A big white sheet is the most affordable solution that can still give you a nice image. The texture problem mentioned earlier can still be a matter, but it’s less so if you keep the sheet wrinkle-free and clean all the time.

  • Media Player

The days of DVDs are long gone. Nowadays, if you want to watch a movie or a show/season, you need to bring a media player for that. If getting an efficient media player sounds expensive, you can opt for other ways. Such as some laptops when connected to an HDMI adapter, can output a video signal.

  • Loud Speakers

It won’t be fun to watch a movie if you will have to keep squeezing closer to the video player to understand what the actors are saying. Easily affordable speakers are available at every store these days. Just make sure the ones you buy do not create any glitches in the sound.


Just buy all these instruments and decorate your backyard in a very classic and chic way to please your friends, with whom you are planning to watch a movie. Arrange some comfortable chairs and cushions and enjoy your very own outdoor movie theatre.