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Best Digital Art Software for Making Beautiful Imagery in Norway

Norway is home to so many award-winning museums, a spectacular collection of beautiful art and architectural masterpieces. Norwegians boast renowned food, film, music festivals, amazing outdoor adventures, and wonderful, warm people.

One of the things Norway is famous for is the art. Edvard Munch, a world-famous Norwegian artist created the well-known piece “The Scream”. This painting is almost as famous as the Mona Lisa, but some might find it a little creepy.

This painting is a common point of discussion around the world.

If you’re ever opportuned to visit the national museum in Oslo, you’ll see “The Scream”. For more insights into the creative nature of Norway, you can also visit the Astrup Fearnley museum for modern art.

While traditional art and prehistoric art dominate Norwegian society, digital art is another art form for both upcoming and veteran artists to express their artistic abilities as well as capture the beauty of Norway and its people.

If you are interested in getting involved in digital art, there are some tools that you need – and they are so freely available on NorskeAnmeldelser.

There are few recommendations and reviews that you will find useful as a beginner or veteran digital artist on iPhoneHuset.

Best Digital Art Software For Making Beautiful Imagery

There are so many fantastic digital art apps on the market which means you’ll probably spend a lot of time deciding what package to use.

You could spend forever trying to find the one that’s absolutely right for you, or just go through these fantastic tools and softwares we’ve hunted down for you. Now you can choose with confidence.

These softwares and tools will set you on the right path at full speed.

After you get a quality drawing tablet, a drawing Software is the next most important tool for a digital artist. These programs are specifically designed for making digital paintings. Generally speaking, Photoshop is the industry standard when it comes to drawing software but it might be expensive. There are other softwares you can use such as Krita, Clip studio paint and Coreldraw.

  • Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Photoshop is one drawing software we’re all familiar with and no doubt use regularly. Photoshop gives the user access to thousands of brushes that you can add by downloading more or creating your own – and it’s constantly being updated thanks to Adobe’s Creative Cloud subscription model.

The most recent version, Photoshop CC 2020, comes with an impressive AI-infused Object Selection tool that helps you crop out multiple things from photos; that AI power of Adobe’s machine-learning Sensei platform rears its head in improved Select Subject and Content-Aware Fill with the former now running faster on Mac models.

  • Corel Painter 2021

This is another great and affordable software for a upcoming or veteran digital artist.

Corel has recently released the all-new Corel Painter 2021. This new, turbo-charged version is full of AI magic.

The new update comes with improved platform support for artists. The update also comes with increased efficiency for MacBook Pro and iPad which means new support for the context sensitive Touch Bar and multi-touch Trackpad on MacBook Pro.

Corel Painter is also a subscription-based model much like its predecessor CorelDRAW. Some of the perks of the new software include:

  • Clone Tinting
  • Access to the top Photo Art panels from the property bar for quick adjustments
  • New colour tinting of a source including images, textures and patterns.

It also allows you to clone your images by dipping your brush directly into the photo, or use artificial intelligence and the Auto-Painting palette to rapidly edit images for you with many filters.

There are so many other essential tools for digital artists . But these softwares will help you kick start your artistic journey in the digital space.